Diamond Plan


6 x lessons per week for 1 hour per lesson

24 x lessons per month – R5532.00



In the following Diamond Plan, a user would benefit from this plan if in need of:

  1. One On One Tutoring
  2. Online Lessons via Zoom or Skype
  3. A Once-off Study Schedule Timetable
  4. One Daily Feedback Report
  5. Homework and Study Planner
  6. A Personalize Dropbox
  7. Mentorship Program – Ethan R. Esbach as your academic coach
  8. Study Techniques – Using Different and correct techniques to help study more effectively
  9. Accessing A Study Mindset – How to place your mind into different phases for learning
  10. Advanced Memory Techniques – Short Term vs. Long Term
  11. Continuous Needs Assessments – Evaluate the students’ performance daily
  12. Weekly Scheduled Tests – Used to determine to understand of content
  13. 12- Hour Academic Support –
  14. Career Guidance Through Seeking Job shadowing opportunities
  15. Subject Study Guides

The lessons comprise of the following:

6 x lessons per week for 1 hour per lesson in a total of 24 x lessons per month to the value of R5532.00 paid upfront to secure your bookings.

When booking the Diamond Plan, a user will be allocated specific days and time slots.

Refer to the Terms and Conditions for more on how bookings work, which will be made available to you

For other price plan options, follow the link – Our Price Plans – E – Squared Tutoring (esquaredtutoring.co.za)


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